Visiting North Carolina

Do you love a good before and after? I do. To see how someone else has viewed a space and come up with new solutions is often inspiring.

So today’s home is you guessed it a before and after. Taken from North Carolina, this new build had interiors that in weren’t to the taste of the owners, so far as  for one of them to describe it as “looking like a French château” who recalls the baroque wallpaper and ornate chandeliers. So they transformed the interiors into a modern, relaxed and stylish home.

Anyway on to the photos.

The Entryway B&A

The Kitchen B&A

The Breakfast Nook B&A

The Living Room B&A


And here are some more of the home to give you sneak peak into the rest.

Another view of the living room.

The Dining Room

The Family Room

The Master Bedroom

The Master En suite

Guest Room

All images via.


I think this home makeover shows how good paint choices and thoughtful lighting decisions can transform a space. And whilst I maybe wouldn’t advocate all the furniture choices featured, the overall feel is calming and relaxed. And the times I have heard that said from people as to what they want their home to reflect, hasn’t this hit the nail on the head?

So, tell me what is your favourite room?


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One colour or more?

So, I’m back! (well, somewhat).

With impending changes to come in our family and in our house, I’ve decided the many projects of the rather long list of “DIY’s to do’ can no longer remain ignored or procrastinated upon. (Or in other words, my dump-it-all-till-later room (storage room) needs to be cleared for other purposes!)

So first up, tackling the large collection of unused frames that have been gathering dust. I have wanted a gallery wall for sometime. I even had a small one in the lounge room. But the scale was all wrong. So, time to get busy creating a beautiful hallway. Any catches? We don’t own our property. So those new 3M sticky hanging things will help.

But in the meantime, my collection of frames needs painting. Here then lies the question, one colour or more? The ever popular all white (bearing in my mind it is in a hallway so light is not at the most optimum) or my favourite, the three colour – black, gold and white?

Here are some inspiring examples:


(This one above is probably one of most faves – the balance and colour mix is just right!)



(I love the dark frames on dark walls look but our wall are pale cream.)


(The ever popular Young House Love DIY  but I’m just not yet convinced by the all white – By the way, I just got my paws on their recently released book, if you love a bit of DIY and looking for inspiration. its definitely worth a read!)



(The chevron, stripe wall is fun and subtle but what is also interesting here, is the picture hanging arrangement capturing height, colour and shape.)

So which do you think? The clean and crisp, all white? or the more eclectic, mismatched trio-toned look? Share you thoughts… xo

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An Announcement

I apologise for being so absent lately but I’ve been working on a little something….


I’ll resume regular interior posts soon, I promise!

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Lounging Around

Hi there! Sorry I haven’t been posting for a little while but its school holidays here (which always means a change in the routine) and I’m a bit under the weather. Anyhow, enough of the excuses from me.

School holidays always puts more emphasis on time spent on home. And we’ve been enjoying that here. I’m enjoying not having the routine or schedule for awhile and just spending good, quality time together.

And I’m grateful our sofa is holding up to the increased use!

Due to my profession and on a day to day level, large quantities of lounge room photos cross my desk and pass my eyes. But not many of them, beautiful as they are, seem to really be child (or even family) friendly. Until I saw this one…..

Beautiful? I think so. This room has what makes a room work for me: it has design (colour, lighting, ceiling!) but it is still practical. I love the grey walls, the big pendant light and nothing seems to say “I’m too precious”. I can picture snuggling here for some story reading with my little one or playing board games. I can see a family DVD night taking place or a great conversation being held. And for the sofas, pull those covers of and chuck them in the washing machine.

So your turn. Tell me, do you see your family working in this room? What’s your favourite room to relax in?


Image from here

27. September 2012 by Emma
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All things bright and yellow

Recently I have noticed that yellow is becoming a popular colour in home furnishings and fashion. So following on from this week’s inspiration board, I thought I’d share some of my favourite interiors that include pops of yellow and some of my favourite yellow accessories.

I think its fun and fresh, and oh so, cheery, don’t you? Of course these rooms above are quite bold and patterned rooms. Yellow can also be subdued and sophisticated.

See how these pictures show yellow in a more mature colour palette? Grey and yellow make a lovely combination, as does yellow and navy too. Around the shops, I’ve notice a few cute accessories to bring a touch of cheer to your home.

Lamp: Domayne / Cushions: Table Tonic  / Coffee table: Naturally Cane / Rug: Aura Home by Tracie Ellis / Poster: SE10 Gallery

I’m not about to advise the use of all these products in one room, goodness, no! (However, my 3 year old who dearly loves yellow might be an advocate for it!) Too much yellow and it’s all a bit eternally optimistic for me, but placing one item strategically here or there could really cheer a room up. Imagine that table lamp on a console table behind a muted grey sofa or the cushions casually thrown onto a sofa, complimenting a modern black and white living room? But it doesn’t have to be limited to these accessories. I’m particularly loving the yellow door!

So, can you see a pop of yellow working its way into your home? Would you use any of the products?


Images found via here, here, here and here. Also here, here, here and here.

21. September 2012 by Emma
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Inspiration Board: Yellow and Teal

This week, I am being inspired (again) by one of my all time favourite colour combinations: yellow and teal.

Teal and yellow. I love the depth of the teal combined with bright zest of yellow. Its mature combined with fun, rich with fresh. It always makes me smile and feels clean yet energised.

I think it’s a combination that can be at home in many different settings, and creates an appealing balance, calming as well as refreshing. I have used it in my home and still love it.

So, what does this inspire you to feel, think or even create?


Images found here, here, here and here.

18. September 2012 by Emma
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Home Tour: a Victorian home in London

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend. Today’s home tour comes from West London. After living there for 7 years, I can’t help but still be influenced by and drawn to (and occasionally even miss), some things British.

This is a detached Victorian house with an open-plan living and dining room, (not always the norm over there) 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the first floor with an additional bathroom and 2 further bedrooms on the second floor. So yes, quite large but this exterior shot speaks to me of so many streets I walked down.

One of the things I used to enjoy when walking home from the train station in London, apart from noticing the difference between Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian and even 1930′s architecture, was to get a peek inside homes when lights where on but curtains were not drawn. This often happened on those long summer nights.  (I swear that I’m not as voyeuristic as that all sounds!) Anyway, take a look inside.


Nice isn’t it? How about that entrance way? That is something special! I love that paint colour they have chosen. And the door and window trims being a darker colour is a brave choice but it is so right and elegant in this home.

Yes, there are some things the British do well and I still turn to them first for inspiration. Curtains and window treatments are one, making good use of small spaces another, and conservatories! Oh, English gardens and conservatories (when not made with PVC and used as an extra storage area), are pure inspiration for summer and relaxation.

So tell me, what do you like about this home?


All images via here.

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Inspiration Board: Gold and Black

Following on from last week,  today’s inspiration board takes on black again. Yes, there is a theme occurring (and yes, next week I’ll explore colour more).  But at the moment I’m drawn towards the use of black in our interiors lately, but not in a heavy, obvious, in you face kind of way.

Today’s gold and black is undeniably glamorous. It conjures up notions of fashion and richness, but like all good colour palettes it can be found in nature too.

I may have a DIY coming up for my own home inspired by this very combination. I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime tell me, what inspires you?

Images via here, here, here and here.

13. September 2012 by Emma
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Home Tour: DIY Inspiration

An interior designer and blog I’ve come across features today’s home tour. The creative couple Michael and Emily Knotts of Crisp Interiors features a wonderful, light filled home that is filled with some really inspirational and unique salvage and DIY options.

THe table was a friend’s cast off and the windows were salvaged. This entryway speaks of relaxed and welcoming family that lives in this home.

Simple things make the difference here, Emily removed the cupboard doors in the kitchen to create some open shelving and her husband, Michael, made the gorgeous farmhouse dining table. (Reminder: must show my MOTH this!)

Those stairs have been all over Pinterest. It’s such a cute idea, a great way to incorporate typography elements in your home and can easily be painted out as you change and grow. The book page lamp shade was decoupaged by Emily and creates a really personal touch. And these sliding doors, well to save on the expensive sliding systems that often abound, Emily used plumbing pipes and castor wheels on doors she found at a garage sale (Oh boy, I want to go a garage sale that good!)

Let this serve as inspiration to not always buy top dollar from the shops. The large map was won on ebay for US$30 and the white armchair from a second hand shop. I love that it is crisp white too. Slip covers made with drop cloths are an ingenious solution to reupholster the furniture, creating the look of linen without the price. It makes white easier than a lot of us tend to think, just take it off and pop into the wash! The blue bell jars are collected from various garage sales too. I love the combination of white with the natural baskets and sea-grass rugs  and glass for texture and interest. Nothing seems to say this home is precious, but instead creates a space you’d be delighted to spend any amount of time in.

The home office and master bedroom show a lovely use of greys and touches of black to really make the whites sing. She made the curtains in the house from inexpensive sheer cotton. Overall, the effect achieved is relaxed and easy to live in.

I wanted to share this home to show that design doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. A thoughtful and creative approach go a long way. So, share your thoughts? Are you inspired by their approach or is it all too beachy for your tastes?


All images via

11. September 2012 by Emma
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Inspiration Board: Black and Green

I love colour. I love thinking about colour, mixing colour, pointing out the small differences in tones and shades and bringing together different colour combinations. That’s what these inspiration boards are all about. Inspiring you to think about colour.

This week I’ve been inspired by our weather, and it’s been all over the place. Warm and spring like one minute plunging back into cold, windy, grey winter complete with rain and hailstorms the next! But somewhere in it all, we are emerging from winter into the freshness of spring. So I’ve been looking at the crisp, fresh and sophisticated colour palette of black and green.

Its classic yet fresh combination that speaks of a timelessness yet it’s still playful, thanks to the zesty kick of green. Of course, this look wouldn’t work without combining the crisp, clean white.

I do remember a time (not so long ago) when green wasn’t as popular for use in interior schemes (it was considered dated) but the trick to keep this look young and fresh, is to choose a green that is bright and inspired by nature’s finest. Think ferns, grass and all the new growth spring brings.

Your turn, what has been inspiring you lately?

PS: The fabulous wallpaper is by the amazing Nina Campbell, called Perroquet in the black colourway. I think its quite playful and fun and can see it working well in a a girl’s bedroom or even a small bathroom with a beautiful pedestal sink.


Images via here, here, here and here.

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